Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration

Both of these two words i.e. motivation and inspiration are often used mistakenly as the same. But in reality, they are not actually the same. although both of them stands for a charge, give us a kick to get things done, we feel positive, but still, there is a slight difference between the two.

Lets first talk about motivation.

So, what motivation really is?

Motivation is a feeling or urges to do something. It depends upon the “motive”. this is from where the word motivation has derived. Suppose you need to study, then you might be motivated by a numerous number of external factors. In fact, a fear is also one of them. If you had to complete your homework then you might feel lazy and keep postponing it but once when you know that you will be given punishment, you start doing your homework. Here fear has worked as a motivating factor. Also, other factors could be the success, pride, achievement, etc. and could be different for different people.

Motivation is also injected within you when are watching a motivational movie, song, video, speech, etc. This gives you a sudden energy in your blood and brain. You feel excited and start going for the tasks that you wished to do.


But did you noticed one thing about motivation, it is external. And that is it, it is an external factor that gives you a short period of boosted energy.

Now let’s have some talk about inspiration.

Inspiration, unlike motivation, does not come from outside. It is eternal in nature and is stored with the desire within you. It is always there. A person who is inspired can also be referred to as self-motivated. this lasts long and improves your habit. You should thus be inspired rather than being motivated.


Motivation is a temporary feeling. You get charged up for an amount of time, and then get back at the initial energy level. The difference between the two is that motivation comes from outside, and inspiration comes from inside. Inspiration is the core of yourself, it is a never-ending energy, which lasts till your last breath. When an urge to do something is bubbled inside you than it is the inspiration that takes the form of passion, and you do wonders.


Motivation is what gets you started,

Inspiration is what keeps you going.

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